Bahen Centre For Collaborative Interactive Digital Media

Located on the 4th and 5th floors of an existing University of Toronto building, the CCIDM provides an interactive digital collaborative space for computer scientists, engineers, scholars and artists. The project provides new area through the infill of an existing atrium and extensive renovations over two floors.

Always seeking to maximize opportunities for collaboration, the CCIDM is organized with individual research spaces occupying a perimeter zone immediately surrounding the central core of labs and workshops. At the heart of the CCIDM is a dramatic new staircase, suspended in an existing light well and providing access to the central coffee bar.

The architectural language of the CCIDM renovation takes its cues from the existing building as a starting point, but introduces several new elements provide a distinct identity. Clear glazed partitions are introduced to improve access to natural light in response to common complaints from existing building users. A pattern full height, of brightly coloured erasable marker boards and bulletin boards wrap the central lab block and provide a place for quick collaboration between passing colleagues.

Bahen Centre, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
Size:  14,400 sq. ft.
Completion:  2011

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