Humber College Lakeshore Campus Masterplan

Enrolment at Humber College had grown substantially over the past ten years.  A master plan for the Lakeshore Campus allowed the school had kept pace by giving priority to the creation of additional instruction space to accommodate students and improve physical infrastructure. The document acted as a “road-map” to guide the development of all future projects at this campus, considering increased instructional seat capacity, renewing instructional and instructional support spaces, expanding learner support facilities, defining landmark entrances and enhancing arrival experience, investing in faculty and administrative offices in conjunction with increases in academic space.

The project planning  principals focused on: Highly visible, easily accessible and comfortable furnished space to accommodate independent and collaborative study, socializing, dining, and other activities; Appropriating office space for faculty, both full time and part time, clustered by academic department and proximate to the labs, workshops, and classrooms where the instructors teach most often; The evolution of a suburban institution to an urban one through building types and density, open space and transportation control management.

Humber College, Toronto ON
Size:  varies
Completion:  2011

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