Humber College Student Centre

The Humber Student Centre provides essential student services around a two storey high atrium space at the centre of the North Campus. The new learning commons, main cafeteria, student union offices, study lounges, and student services become a new focal point of activity on campus.

Students move effortlessly between the food services area and the informal learning areas in the atrium. A bridge bisects the space above and supports additional programs including collaborative study rooms, individual study areas, student lounge and retail areas. These spaces are flanked by a large terrace a leaning rail with views down onto the atrium. A wide feature stair connects the two floors together emphasizing the openness and quality of a main boulevard within a city.

The student federation offices are separated from the student centre by a two-storey curtain wall of translucent and red-hued glass overlaid with a pattern of frosted circles providing privacy to the offices beyond. From a distance, the composition of circles creates a pixilated image of a forest from the adjacent Humber Valley – bringing an awareness of the surrounding nature to a space that lacks any views of the outdoors. Prior to the renovation, the atrium lacked a clear focal point. The curtain wall now creates a coherent and visually stimulating backdrop for major events such as convocation and award ceremonies, and serves as a beacon for the student services within.

Humber College, Toronto, ON

Size:  33,000 sq. ft.
Completion:  September 2009

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