Niagara College Masterplan

We recently completed a Master Plan for new building and infrastructure development at Niagara College Welland Campus, and Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus. The major objectives and goals were: Improvement in program + service delivery with a focus on student success and enhanced customer service; New and enhanced learning platforms / pathways for students; Quality and sustained program mix to support economic development and address growth and business opportunities; Expand facilities for research and innovation; Supporting the transformation of Niagara’s advanced manufacturing base through new and enhanced programs and research; Expanded cluster of business programs in hospitality, international commerce, and supply-chain logistics; and Increased enrolment.  With these goals in mind, we provided the College with a Master Plan that outlined a framework to drive future implementation by: Using the existing organizational structure of the Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus as a framework for future development; Enhancing student-focused spaces at the core of each campus, including; Improving open spaces and landscaped areas; Establishing efficient and sustainable strategies for the movement of people and vehicles on campus. Together these aspects formed a lattice whereby future buildings could be situated, new pathways and cycling trails linked with communities, new cultured gardens and agricultural lands developed, new parking and transit infrastructure located, and all other spaces be continuously improved.

Niagara College, Welland ON, St. Catherines ON
Size:  varies
Completion:  November 2014

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