Niagara College Ta’If Campus Masterplan

Niagara College Ta’if Campus is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and offers a national centre for education in tourism, hospitality, and business innovation in cooperation with the Colleges of Excellence in Saudi Arabia. The College wished to expand their existing facilities to incorporate a new Culinary Program with Labs and Classrooms, a Welcome Centre, a Cafeteria, a Learning Commons, Student Services, Classrooms, and Staff and Faculty Offices.

Following the vernacular of the surrounding buildings, the new building links to an existing building, creating an elongated courtyard that connects the main street front to the central square. With the culinary labs and classrooms on the ground level, visitors and students passing through the courtyard will be able to see into these animated spaces. Pedestrian bridges connect the new building to the existing buildings above ground level.

The central square branches off of the courtyard and pulls together the Culinary and Bake Labs, the Welcome Centre, Cafeteria, Learning Commons, Student Services, Campus Mosque, and other academic spaces into a large gathering space. Tensile fabric canopies and a decorative water feature provide cooling and shade, creating an ideal venue for both casual use and formal events.

Niagara College, Ta’If, Saudi Arabia
Size:  varies
Completion:  April 2015

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