Niagara College Welland Campus Student Commons

There have been many iterations in the evolution of Welland Campus and while there has been a concerted effort to connect separate buildings via internal corridors, spaces appear to be incremental in nature, creating a disjointed and unnavigable building cluster with a lack of clear circulation, wayfinding, and access to important services.  The new Student Commons will drastically improve these issues through a centrally-located social hub in the heart of Welland Campus, providing students with a fully-accessible student hub, welcome centre, open student space, cafeteria, retail opportunities, and student club space.

The new Commons juts out of the existing building in a double height addition with a cafeteria and dining area on the ground floor and a Student Activity Centre on the second floor.  Curtain-wall glazing will draw natural light deep into the building’s core, where no light could previously penetrate.  Circulation improvements will allow direct links to nearby student services, the Library Commons, “Coffee Stops”, Chartwells Food Outlets, Welland Campus Store, and transit loop just outside the main entrance.

Welland, ON
Size:  37,673 sq. ft.
Completion:  2017

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