Ontario Place Cinesphere

The Ontario Place Cinesphere, a 1971 landmark in the Toronto skyline and emblem of progress and modernity for hundreds of thousands of visitors, had become tired and neglected. The Cinesphere, location of the first permanent IMAX projector installation required upgrades to house the next generation IMAX 3D projector and to improve visitor amenities. Minor renovations that had accrued over the past 40 years were stripped away to allow the strong spherical geometry of the original building to be more visible.

Interior upgrades include new lighting, seating and interior finishes to the theatre space and completely overhauled entrance lobbies. Each of the two main lobbies has been equipped with a new central feature. A full length display case provides space for the display of movie memorabilia in the upper lobby, while the lower lobby has been completely transformed by the integration of a new snack bar. Lighting levels in the lobby areas have been calibrated as an intermediate zone to allow visitor’s eyes to adjust from the bright summer sun outside to the dark theatre space.

Ontario Place, Toronto, ON
Size:  10,000 sq. ft.
Completion:  May 2011

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