Slate Corporate Offices

Relocating from a prominent address to the fringes of Toronto’s financial district, Slate Property Management sought an elegant contemporary design that would help the business to compensate for the shortcomings of its new location.

The architects embraced the two-storey space’s low ceilings, and dark interior, lining the reception area with a gracious floor-to-ceiling walnut wrapper, transforming the otherwise conventional space into an interior reminiscent of an elegant nautical vessel. Materials such as travertine marble, glass and stainless steel were employed for their varying tonalities and textures so that harmony is achieved between all the elements and luxury is expressed through the fusing together of design, craftsmanship and material.

Clear and frosted walls and sliding doors on the perimeter offices and layers of partial walls and screens of “Profilit” channel glass allow natural light to filter into the centre of the floor and for glimpses to the city beyond. Daylight is complimented by multiple sources of direct and indirect lighting to ensure a warm environment. A combination of closed and open concept offices met Slate’s company structure, each outfitted with millwork that can be tailored to suit each user’s needs.

56 Temperence Street, Toronto, ON
Size:  8,000 sq.ft.
Completion:  September 2008

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