York University Vari Hall Rotunda

A master plan was developed to create an overall vision for the existing rotunda and mezzanine levels at Vari Hall. The underutilized space was renovated to better reflect its central role as a crucial circulation hub, information centre, social and meeting place on campus.

The ground floor was designed to be as flexible as possible to allow the central rotunda to be cleared out for large public events to take place. Perimeter benches, touch down computer counters, a central information desk and display kiosks were all designed to be mobile. Power was provided at the benches and touch down areas to allow students to plug in their laptops.

Materials were specified such as Corian countertops and illuminated panels, aluminum and stainless steel to be as robust as possible. Maple veneer paneling was used to be in keeping with the existing aesthetics of Vari Hall.

York University, Toronto, ON
Size:  1,076 sq. ft.
Completion:  November 2011

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